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who are self-employed is the high cost of self-insuring yourself. so in the affordable care act is to allow individuals to purchase it more at a group rate vs. an individual rate and whose running the exchange program? >> as i understand it, it's not completely finally, the state develops the program and i think they're going to have county by county having someone at the accounting level run and manager the program but to be determined. these are some of the details i hope to be getting at this
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meeting. and then the last note is just a reminder >> february 7th. >> okay february 7th i have that completely wrong in my calendar. febrile 7th so that is a >> thursday. >> week from this coming thursday. and it's the 60th anniversary for the county of merchants. so you can see the highlight of the mayors city he'd i have attacked the press release for you. you can take a look at other elements of the city and the
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successes that have trans paradise throughout the year. and that concludes my report >> public comment 1, 2, 3, 4. seeing none. i wanted to see the date >> i thought that was a bit awkward but i trusted my calendar. and their website isn't up so i couldn't go back and verify. we'll we will verify that for you >> it is the 7 accounting. >> our retreat is on the 28 of
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february. is it the rae treat the wednesday >> i believe it was a thursday and thursday. >> commissioners should have - i don't know if you have. >> it's at 1 clock. >> we just changed over from different softwares. i'm going to blame it on that and mr. president, would i like the next item called >> it allows the president to make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. >> and we're going to talk about b - i want to give you some information the fundraising efforts we raised $70,000
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raised. we're right on track. we're currently selecting businesses to be photographed for a small business campaign so if anyone has any ideas let us know. our small business week is going to be may 13 through 18. our theme is shaping communities. it's pretty much along the lines. on may 13th we'll be doing the favors of the city. we expect to have about 15 hundred people. you'll have to register online and we're limiting tickets on
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how many people can come. on tuesday may fourteen the board of supervisors will be - each supervisor will be selecting the winner and the mayor will select the winner from the whole city. and then we're going to be offering 50 workshops and the topics is doing business with the government to how to toward a mobile truck business. we'll have other activities from 530 to 9:00 p.m. and small business commissioners we'll all
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be in attendance. then on friday may 17th small things will be taking place around the city we'll have more information later. on saturday may 18 there will be sidewalk sales. and we once again will wave the sidewalk fees. and thalz i have at the moment >> what date again is the deal at the met iron. >> may 13 that can and we're trying, you know, if we get our funding we'd like to tint the outside because we'd like to
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have leave people come and so there's two key opportunities for the commission may fourteen the there no awards of sermons and then thursday evening for the awards. those are the two key things for the commissions to be attending >> and may 13 to may 18th is what. commissioners i'll follow-up >> are we going to have a reception again. >> excuse me. and then the board of supervisors we will be hosting the reception. >> and is supervisors need to
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start picking somebody. >> businesses and they've already been notified. >> we'll sent out the safe the day invitation. we don't send them out earlier because they get lost and just a note for businesses we'll be looking at their permits so we can make sure that businesss are meeting the requirement of city mandates. what's that? >> next item. >> i have a brief report and just for the record.
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>> i attended the district 3 allocation of discretionary fund. district 3 is the first grew up in san francisco where they will be taking us to the residence and to district 3 they'll decide how they want to spend their funds. so people were able to submit their requests for these funds. they're number one interest was funding forecast inspections for ada businesses. i told them to contact the funds
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off. i want to say that was very high for people's interests >> next item. >> commissioners item 12 general public commit and do we have any people in the audience who would like to make any public comment? anybody have they items for new business? seeing then next item >> commissioners item fourteen and i want to know there was any letters in your folder. >> any motion for adjourn?
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with that meeting
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